Reactions From Bonnie's Readers

The Secret Lives of Us Kids:
This is a book that teaches the value of self-help to all of those suffering from endless setbacks and heartbreak. The reader will find that there is humor and even good to be found in the worst of times.
- Henry and Mary Ewalt

You have a way of turning words into something magical.
- George Baldwin

In Too Personal for Words,  Bonnie weaves together stories of the past and present into a compelling narrative that will affect the reader deeply.

It’s Only Raven Laughing focuses on the historic West. Her characterization of the lives of women are memorable. Each word is chosen for its clarity and visual affect.

"What a window to our heritage."

quilt"The Bisbee Quilt" from Bonnie's fourth book, It's Only Raven Laughing.

"The images are clear and simple, no pretence. Your lines are clean. The cadence flows."

"Your work is down to earth, each poem portraying a story, based on actual facts."

"In From the Marias River to the North Pole, and Montana, Too, how could you have depicted my childhood in writing about yours?"

"These poems send shivers down my spine."

"Where have all the cowgirls gone?  Now I know."

"You remind me that our legacy to the next generation is worth recording."

"I feel like I know the small quiet girl growing up in rural Montana in the 1930s and 1940s."

"Thank you for putting into words so much that is honest and speaks of love and pain and life."

"I was crying so hard reading your poems that I had to pull the pickup to a stop."

"Them’s not poems, them’s stories."


Solstice Communion

Voices bless a winter flower
of red and gold,
of chile and corn;
worn hands pass the first tamales
from the dented roaster.

Communion wine is New Mexican,
red as sangre.
Masa is the bread of life.

Days of solstice preparation,
corn hand-ground,
red chile simmering,
and pork roasting.

Grandmothers’ memories
soften hojas and whip masa,
soft as sugar.

Masa on a fan of hoja,
red chile and meat in center.
Tamales carefully folded.
Organic origami.

They rest on chips of juniper,
an offering to Our Lady,
to the coming of the light.